November 13 2015

StrongWriter On the Radio: (Episode 58) “Shelly Peiken – Conversations With a Serial Songwriter”

Today, I wrap up my conversation with the incredible Shelly Peiken!  If you missed the first half of our talk, you can listen to it right here.  We continued the conversation as Shelly and I discussed her forthcoming book, Confessions Of a Serial Songwriter.  I asked her about some of her collaborative relationships and how each partner brought a unique dynamic to her creative efforts.  I also attempted to bond with Shelly by reminiscing about the seventies music we grew up with and how it influenced us.  Then it was just chitchat leading into a parting piece of what I called “Shelly wisdom,” and I know you’ll just love listening to her for the entire episode.  She is one of the best there is.  ENJOY!  ~ Dean

Featured Guest:   Shelly Peiken

Shelly Peiken is a multi-platinum Grammy nominated songwriter who is best known for her #1 hits “What a Girl Wants” and “Come On Over Baby”. She earned a Grammy nomination for the song “Bitch” recorded by Meredith Brooks. She’s had hundreds of songs placed on albums, and in TV and film.

Her “Serial Songwriter” Facebook page has become a forum for all things songwriting and ideas about navigating a changing music business as a creative person and parent.

In June of 2014 Shelly was invited to blog for The Huffington Post. She is well known in the music industry as mentor, panelist, consultant and guest speaker.

Shelly is a New Yorker at heart who enjoys her life in Los Angeles with her husband, composer Adam Gorgoni and their daughter, Layla.


I’ve always been inspired by the place within that’s in a continual state of pursuit; a search for something different, something better, or what might have been …while still feeling that if given the choice, I wouldn’t trade my world for any other. Life isn’t perfect. But some days it’s filled with so much joy it seems as perfect as perfect can be. Still, that state comes and goes. It’s from that divine discontent songs can’t help but emerge.

Visit Shelly Peiken’s website:

Special thanks to Shelly Peiken for the use of her images and music.
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Shelly Peiken’s book
Confessions Of a Serial Songwriter
is available for pre-order now at her website!!

Shelly Peiken 008 Pre Order book

SHELLY PEIKEN: Confessions Of a Serial Songwriter

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