May 20 2016

StrongWriter On the Radio: (Episode 74) “Toni Tennille – A Memoir of Sunshine and Shadow” [part 1 of 2]

Whenever I get the opportunity to interview a famous songwriter, I feel the need to step up my game and ask questions that my listeners are dying to know.  This, of course, is rarely the case on my radio show, where I had a wonderful conversation with the lovely Toni Tennille.  She, along with the Captain, contributed several definitive pop songs of the 1970’s, and in our conversation, Toni happily shares some stories behind the tunes.  I tried to discuss the very compelling book (Toni Tennille: A Memoir) that she wrote with her talented niece, Caroline Tennille St. Clair. This was a challenge, because the publisher never sent the book to me as assured, but Toni understood this and gave me two full episodes of warm and fun conversation. I learned a lot about her role as a prolific songwriter and classically trained pianist, as well as the often disheartening marriage with Daryl Dragon and their partnership as a musical act. Take a listen, and you will enjoy Toni Tennille’s southern charm and friendly personality as much a I did!   ~ Dean

Featured Guest:   Toni Tennille

Cathryn Antoinette “Toni” Tennille is best known from her ’70s and ’80s chart-topping hits with the pop duo Captain & Tennille.  After thirty-nine years together, Toni and husband Daryl Dragon separated in 2013 and finalized their divorce in July of 2014.  Suddenly single, Toni has found peace in her new life surrounded by family, her dogs and cats, and the music she still loves to play on her grand piano.  A classically trained pianist and a prolific song writer, Toni has also released numerous solo albums celebrating the romantic music of big band and American standards.  She has just completed a memoir of her life and career which will be released in April 2016.

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Captain & Tennille - ''You Never Done It Like That''

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