February 5 2012

Mormons to Host Local Interfaith Music and Arts Festival in April


A group of Mormon musicians and artists is hosting a family-friendly music and arts festival on April 20-21 at the Wilson County Fairgrounds, about 30 minutes from Nashville, Tennessee.



Named Liahonaroo, the event will bring together artists and musicians from across the U.S. of all faiths to showcase their work in an outdoor festival setting. The name “Liahonaroo” was inspired by a compass called the Liahona that a Book of Mormon prophet named Lehi used to lead his family through the wilderness.

The event will be drug and alcohol free, and music performed will be appropriate for listeners of all ages. Ogden believes this will resonate with most Christians in the area, regardless of denomination.

“We wanted to create an event to celebrate positive and engaging music and art,” said Shantell Ogden, festival co-founder and performing songwriter.  “By hosting the event in a family-friendly venue, we hope to expand the reach of artists who deserve to showcase their talents.”

Shantell Ogden

Ogden feels this event will create an inclusive, welcoming experience for both fans and performers.

“I have a friend in a punk band who plays clubs regularly, and because of the environment and age restrictions his daughter hasn’t been able to see him perform,” said Ogden. “At Liahonaroo, artists and their fans won’t have to worry about things like that.”

Approximately 30 artists will be selected to perform at the two-day festival; all genres of family-friendly music are accepted.  While artists are asked to sell 10 tickets to the event as part of an artist agreement, they will also receive 50 percent of the ticket sales as payment for their performance.

The event will also include 20 booths for visual artists, jewelry makers and other related artists.

For more info, go to liahonaroo.com