April 4 2013

4 Ways Your Co-Write is Like a First Date

By Shantell Ogden
A Favorite Co-writing Friend: Wood Newton


Nashville is the ‘land of the co-write’ and the best comparison I’ve ever found to co-writing is dating. Here are four ways co-writing can feel like a first date:

1. No Chemistry– we’ve all been there. You may like your co-writer as a person and dig their songs but for some reason you just don’t gel. It’s nobody’s fault, you just don’t have that ‘it’ that makes it work.

2. Awkward Silences– sometimes you just don’t know what planet your co-writer is coming from, and you sit there in silence picking imaginary lint from your pants while watching the clock.

3. Strangeness– sometimes you’re in co-write with someone and things happen that leave you uncomfortable and/or disturbed. Call me if you want to hear about these experiences, but I don’t want to incriminate anyone here.

4. Pleasant Surprises– there are been people that I wasn’t sure about at first that ended up really being fun to write with. I’ve also had some great songs come out of first co-write sessions, and that’s a great payoff for collaborating with someone new, too!

Anything you’d like to share about co-writing?

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