March 6 2014

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A message to all of my listeners, but particularly music creators and songwriters!

We’re getting the band back together!!  What I mean is THE RADIO SHOW IS BACK!!  Please help me to make the show more resourceful for YOU!
As I invite future guests to visit with me, I want to ask them questions that you are interested in hearing the answers!  The guests will have diverse talents and backgrounds, but they will be told that songwriters and music creators are listening.

Post questions below that matter to you, and I will make sure to get those answered.  At this time, I am unable to take calls from the listeners, but when that happens, I will alert you all!

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DEAN OLSON is a songwriter and executive producer of the weekly radio show "StrongWriter On the Radio." The popular program airs Fridays on Amazing Men Of Power and Music Day (AWOP / Raven International Network)

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