April 23 2015

StrongWriter On the Radio: (Episode 34) “Shantell Ogden – Ghosts In the Field”

“Shantell Ogden – Ghosts In the Field”
featuring the songs “Ghosts In the Field” and “God Counts Every Tear” 

My guest in this episode is a hallmark artist that I am proud to call a StrongWriter… Miss Shantell Ogden!   I’m also blessed that she is my good friend and my window to the fabled Music City.   Shantell is a very talented songwriter who plays well with others around town, and her work ethic and positive attitude make her a superstar on my show.  I brought her on to promote her fourth studio album, Ghosts In the Field, produced and recorded in Nashville with John Willis.  Many of the songs were written and given a little extra kick with her familiar collaborator Bill DiLuigi and vocal producer Judy Rodman.  And it was a pleasure to share Shantell’s music, because I really enjoyed this collection of songs ranging from thoughtful to ebullient to sometimes stirring.

For example, “God Counts Every Tear” (co-written with Joe Doyle and Brian Kolb) sets a melancholy tone, until Shantell takes you by the hand to point to the heavens.  It is there that the desperate and lonely can take comfort that God is there, watching over everything and proving that we’re not alone after all.    Some of her thoughtful tracks are slightly heavy, as in “Who Comes First” which deals with addiction and relationships … while others touch the heart (“Be My Rain” co-written with Judy Rodman) and the spirit (“Ghosts In the Field.”)  The ebullience is definitely apparent in “Just a Little,” which captures the nervous joy of a new relationship.   Finally, Miss Ogden offers two tracks that she didn’t write:  One is the mandolin and banjo driven “Blossom In the Dust” written by Joe Doyle, Jon Hendersen and Mallory Hope.  The other is the eight-beat gospel & blues flavored “As Long As You’re Mine” written by Mandy Cook, Dustin James and Jimmy Borja.  Feel free to clap along as I did!

As a whole, Ghosts In the Field puts a smile on your face and a beat in your heart.   And I think that’s what Americana music should do!


Featured Guest:   Shantell Ogden

Shantell Ogden has a gift for crafting songs with real conviction and emotion. Her gift, combined with a work ethic gained from growing up on a farm, is paying dividends. Shantell’s songs have received airplay on more than 500 country and Americana radio stations internationally, reaching Top 20 chart positions both in the U.S. and Europe. Her songs have also appeared on the CW’s popular TV series Hart of Dixie and in several feature films.

As a performing Americana artist, Shantell and her albums have been covered by Maverick Magazine (UK), Performer Magazine, Music News Nashville and other media. She’s released three acclaimed independent albums, including Better At Goodbyewhich won Americana Album of the Year in the 2014 IMEA Awards.  Shantell tours internationally from her home in Nashville, Tennessee. When at home, she’s known for keeping her front door open and a song drifting down the street.

Ghosts in the Field was recorded and produced at Willisoundz by John Willis (Faith Hill, Jewel, Indie Arie, Taylor Swift)  John is an A-list session musician who played all the instruments on this album, except for percussion, played by Steve Brewster (Dierks Bentley, Faith Hill, Chicago, Bob Seger)

Mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Brian Kolb.  Mastered at Mayfield Mastering by John Mayfield.  And the wonderful Judy Rodman produced the vocals!

“Shantell Ogden – Ghosts In the Field”
featuring the songs “Ghosts In the Field” and “God Counts Every Tear” 

Shantell Ogden on ''Josh Connor in the Songwriter's Circle''

Visit Shantell’s website:
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Special thanks to Shantell Ogden for the use of her photos and music.

(Photo credits:  Chuck Eaton, Angie Miller)

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