August 14 2015

StrongWriter On the Radio: (Episode 45) “Bunny DeBarge – God Is Good For The Kept Ones”

“Bunny DeBarge – God Is Good For The Kept Ones”

featuring the song “God Is Good”

I had the genuine honor of featuring a very special guest on the radio program, Bunny DeBarge.  She is a gifted songwriter, a glorious singer, and today, she adds author and speaker to the mix.  Her current book is a three volume series titled “The Kept Ones.”  You know her family name from the phenomenal success that she and her younger brothers experienced under the Motown machine during the front half of the 1980’s.   DeBarge was one of my favorite musical artists back then, both lyrically and melodically, and seemed so positive and joyful on stage.  But, behind the curtain was a life of sadness and turmoil, consistently paired with addiction.  If you ever watched the DeBarge’s Unsung documentary from 2008, then you are aware of the desolate underside of a seemingly happy family performing their music.  Bunny and I discuss this sensitive subject, but “in a special way” because she gives us hope and shows that she is moving on, especially because God is moving with her and has transformed her life!   She deserves a wider platform for her stories, so you get to hear Bunny for two episodes!  Please enjoy our conversation and her latest song, “God Is Good.”  You’ll hear just how great she still is today!!

Featured Guest:   Bunny DeBarge

Bunny DeBarge is best known as the lone sister in the legendary Motown R&B family group DeBarge.  The eldest of the ten DeBarge children, Bunny’s unique high soprano vocal style and love of writing began at a tender young age.  She was the lead vocalist behind the classic R&B ballad, “A Dream,” from the group’s In a Special Way album and is also the co-writer of the group’s 1982 breakthrough hit, “I Like It,” and the number one hit, “Time Will Reveal.”  Her song “A Dream” was sampled and covered by the likes of Tupac Shakur and Blackstreet.

Bunny’s book “The Kept Ones, Vol. 1” tells the definitive story of her family and the world that made them.  She pours her life into the pages, sharing the trials and tribulations of her journey with sensitivity and insight.

In the words of Bunny:

God has been faithful and so very good to me through it all. Many of you have followed me faithfully from my days touring with my brothers as “DeBarge.” Those were good times, and lots of wonderful music and memories came out of that era. Behind the scenes , there was personal pain that most knew little about. I speak very candidly about the inner turmoil that I hid behind a smile in my book ,”The Kept Ones!” I’m facing my demons one by one, and determination is taking over where fear and doubt would have stopped me in my tracks. I’m getting “high on life” now and it is such a wonderful thing.

Bunny DeBarge - The Kept Ones

Please visit Bunny DeBarge’s website:

Order Bunny’s book “The Kept Ones, Vol. 1” and her wonderful CD “God Is Good” from her website!


A huge thank you to Bunny for allowing me to use her music and pictures on this site and on my program! 

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