September 18 2015

StrongWriter On the Radio: (Episode 50) “Natalia Segura – It’s a Beautiful Day For Conscious Pop”

“Natalia Segura – It’s a Beautiful Day For Conscious Pop”
featuring the songs “Beautiful Day” and “World Peace”

Today, “My Mind’s Made Up” to have a “Beautiful Day” with my featured guest Natalia Segura! This lovely young woman calls herself a conscious music singer-songwriter, and you’ll hear her explanation on what that is all about.  Then, Natalia and I discuss her music video, a project she completed while seven months pregnant. The discussion moves from her beginnings in Sydney, and then to her songwriting and making music in New York.  She is a wonderful woman to interview, and please stay tuned for part two in episode 51! Enjoy!!

Featured Guest:   Natalia Segura

Natalia is Australian born and raised Latina Singer, Songwriter and Actress. Her parents both escaped war-torn El Salvador in the 80’s with Anmesty international to start a new life in Sydney, Australia. They blessed the world by giving birth to an open and warm woman grounded in respect for life on a spiritual level, never judging, always learning. (please see her “Heritage” video bio for her personal story).

Her genuine approach to life highlighted by her journey puts you at ease reflecting a confident humility and sweetness that lingers after meeting her. One cannot quite place a finger on this “conscious lyricist” who’s described by her friends and production crew as a “Glamour hippie” from “Down Under.”

Natalia grew up rocking the Latino music scene in Sydney, Australia since her early teens (please view her “musical journey” video bio for her personal story). Being influenced by not only her Australian upbringing but her Latino roots, those elements she incorporated in her music after spending time in South America.

Her music is dubbed as “Conscious Music” or “Conscious Pop” as a forefront to a rebirth of the 70’s movement in social and political change and a spiritual evolution in the modern platform of pop as she sees it as the most vast to explore. Using subtle lyrics and catchy melodies, Natalia’s music is not only radio friendly, but accessible to all ages.

A seasoned live stage performer, Natalia is touring with her band in 2016. Her debut single, “Beautiful Day” was released on June 30th with her EP slated for later this year. Experience the #ConsciousPop page for a sneak peak of her EP.

Natalia Segura’s single
“Beautiful Day”
is now available on iTunes!

Natalia Segura 021 Beautiful Day copy

Natalia Segura - Beautiful Day

Visit Natalia’s website:

Special thanks to Natalia Segura for the use of her images and music.
© 2015 Natalia Segura –  All Rights Reserved

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