December 9 2015

StrongWriter On the Radio: (Episode 62) “Cindy Alexander – Writing Through the Curves”

“Cindy Alexander – Writing Through the Curves”
including the songs “See You In L.A.” “Anesthesia” “Heels Over Head” & “Old Dreams”

Did you miss the premiere episode of StrongWriter On the Radio featuring my special guest Cindy Alexander?  Part One can be heard by clicking here, and Part Two has lots of talk about Cindy’s music and songwriting.  I had a lot of fun hearing behind the scenes tales of making her music videos, and we started to discuss her newest project, An American Girl.  I was not expecting Cindy to turn the tables on me, but she asked me to explain my own cancer experience on my show.  After all, she was gracious enough to share her double mastectomy story with me, and for that, I appreciate her.  But the music goes on, and Cindy is writing strong and beautifully.  Please enjoy this episode, and be sure to listen to the conclusion next week!  ~Dean

Featured Guest:   Cindy Alexander

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Cindy was trained at the acclaimed USC School of Drama but realized quickly that there was enough “drama” in real life and the best part she could play… was herself. So, she wrote what is now 7 cd’s (and added to numerous compilations and soundtracks) worth of her life, which she has performed all across the United States, Japan, Germany, Ireland, and islands as far as Barbados and Guantanamo Bay. Music has always been the key to her adventure, and she soaks up the stories of those she meets, the cultures, the geography, the spirit and the down and dirty details of the road she travels. As a seasoned writer and performer, she has tackled numerous subjects – not only the classic singer/songwriter confessional fare of dysfunctional relationships, marriage, and motherhood, but also her personal discovery and recovery from breast cancer, the perils of the entertainment business, classic literature, sexuality, spirituality, history and the human condition. There is no topic which is out of bounds – she tells The Truth.

Cindy Alexander CONNECTS, and her relationship with her fans has funded her recording projects and fueled her continued success as a touring indie musician.

Cindy’s new EP An American Girl is available NOW at

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CINDY ALEXANDER - Play (Official Lyric Video)

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Special thanks to Cindy Alexander for the use of her images and music.
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