September 25 2015

StrongWriter On the Radio: (Episode 51) “Natalia Segura – Who I Really Am”

“Natalia Segura – Who I Really Am”
featuring the song “Beautiful Day”

I am excited to bring you the conclusion of my interview with conscious music singer-songwriter Natalia Segura.  If you missed the first part, you can listen to it right here.  In this episode, we talk about the conscious side of her music and songwriting from the woman’s perspective.  And, here’s a update to what you’ll hear:  Since our talk, under the backdrop of New York’s Central Park, Natalia was proposed to by her boyfriend, now fiancé, Eric. She had also just given birth to a son, Phoenix.  She is going to be quite busy from now on, but I am confident that Natalia Segura is destined for a beautiful life!

Featured Guest:   Natalia Segura

Natalia is Australian born and raised Latina Singer, Songwriter and Actress. Her parents both escaped war-torn El Salvador in the 80’s with Anmesty international to start a new life in Sydney, Australia. They blessed the world by giving birth to an open and warm woman grounded in respect for life on a spiritual level, never judging, always learning. (please see her “Heritage” video bio for her personal story).

Her genuine approach to life highlighted by her journey puts you at ease reflecting a confident humility and sweetness that lingers after meeting her. One cannot quite place a finger on this “conscious lyricist” who’s described by her friends and production crew as a “Glamour hippie” from “Down Under.”

Natalia grew up rocking the Latino music scene in Sydney, Australia since her early teens (please view her “musical journey” video bio for her personal story). Being influenced by not only her Australian upbringing but her Latino roots, those elements she incorporated in her music after spending time in South America.

Her music is dubbed as “Conscious Music” or “Conscious Pop” as a forefront to a rebirth of the 70’s movement in social and political change and a spiritual evolution in the modern platform of pop as she sees it as the most vast to explore. Using subtle lyrics and catchy melodies, Natalia’s music is not only radio friendly, but accessible to all ages.

A seasoned live stage performer, Natalia is touring with her band in 2016. Her debut single, “Beautiful Day” was released on June 30th with her EP slated for later this year. Experience the #ConsciousPop page for a sneak peak of her EP.

Natalia Segura’s single
“Beautiful Day”
is now available on iTunes!

Natalia Segura 021 Beautiful Day copy

Natalia Segura - Beautiful Day

Visit Natalia’s website:

Special thanks to Natalia Segura for the use of her images and music.
© 2015 Natalia Segura –  All Rights Reserved

April 17 2015

StrongWriter On the Radio: (Episode 05) “Get To Know Frank Shiner”

This week on the AWOP Radio Network, an encore episode with Frank Shiner is airing!

A legend in the making!  And I got to interview him at the beginning of his meteoric rise to stardom.  (Let’s speak it into existence!)

Just wait until you hear from the man himself!  My guest today on StrongWriter On the Radio tells a great story of what happens when your dream takes a hiatus, and then returns, stronger than before!   Life, love, music…it’s all there, and sounds terrific.

Featured guest:  FRANK SHINER

Frank Shiner Feels like home








Frank Shiner is a unique singer whose vocals evoke a certain gracefulness that is associated with the old school American Songbook era. But all comparisons end there, as is clearly evident on Shiner’s debut album, The Real Me set for release in June, 2014.

On the first single from his debut album “Feels Like Home,” Shiner takes a breezy romantic approach to the Randy Newman song. “I chose the song because it is the quintessential love ballad which is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. It tells the story of a man who felt lost and alone, until a woman came and changed his life. This is such a relatable feeling to me, and I believe it is to anyone who has experienced true love. It touched me deep inside and my favorite line in the song is ‘I never thought I’d love anyone so much’.”

Shiner’s decision to chart a new course for the Standard Songbook follows through on The Real Me. With Katz establishing the well-crafted moods for which he is known, Shiner has succeeded in establishing himself as a modern singer in the genre of the Grobans and Bublés of the world. “The idea,” Shiner says, “was to combine the attitude and musical values of the music that inspired me – the era of Sinatra and Darin – with a more contemporary body of material. “The selections, many of which have distinct blues overtones, are lyrically rooted in the generation that belongs to Paul Simon, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, and Randy Newman, just a few of the contemporary composers whose work is showcased on Shiner’s album.

Shiner’s creative story got off to a promising start when he came to New York City after college and immediately started to land roles on television and the stage. His discipline as a trained actor earned him SAG, AFTRA and Actors’ Equity credentials. He played more than fifty theatre and television roles including multiple musicals. He also spent six years in a small traditional Shakespeare theatre company.

“I go about life from my heart,” says Frank Shiner. “I love hard, I suffer from anger, I suffer from loving too much, I suffer from worry, but it’s all from my heart, it’s all real. Sometimes it’s a rollercoaster, but I don’t think you experience life without that part. A lot of people just kind of skip over the top of the water but I can’t. I gotta dive deep.” Frank Shiner wears his heart on his sleeve for all to see.

“Feels Like Home” was released on iTunes and all other digital media on
March 25, 2014.

“Get To Know Frank Shiner”

For more information, go to Frank Shiner’s website!

April 8 2013

Eclectic Songwriter Field Trip: Big Bear Fun Run / Top 10 Songs Written About a Car (Part 1)

Big Bear Fun Run Cars (08-27-10)

The Big Bear Fun Run is a major fund raising effort in the form of a car show held every year on the second weekend in August in the village of Big Bear Lake.  On average, you can see about 400 classic vehicles at this exhibition.  In 1982, a group of people who shared a common interest in “vintage automobiles” started the Big Bear Lake Antique Car Club.  This annual event raises on average 15 to 20,000 dollars given to