September 11 2015

StrongWriter On the Radio: (Episode 49) “Brian Hutson – Betting On a Dream and Letting It Ride”

“Brian Hutson – Betting On a Dream and Letting It Ride”
featuring the songs “Let It Ride” and “She’s My Woman”

Here’s a story that sounds like a dream come true if that dream includes New York City stardom.  Well, perhaps it’s too soon at the moment, but I believe my featured guest Brian Hutson is getting there, steadily and surely.   Sit back as we get acquainted, and you will learn just how this young man was noticed by a notable music producer and began a dual life, adding singer to his already filled resume (he’s an investment banker in the city.)  And there are two songs that you can listen to, as well as Brian’s advice for singers and songwriters.  He’s a class act, and I know you’re going to enjoy the ride!!

Featured Guest:   Brian Hutson

New York City’s Brian Hutson is a classically-trained singer with a rich and powerful voice.  He splits his time as a nine-to-five investment banker on Wall Street, and at night, he transforms into a smooth crooner. His broad range of vocal repertoires includes jazz, pop, easy listening, Broadway, opera, and classical music.

After graduation, Brian began working on Wall Street, balancing the demands of his job with time for his creative outlet – singing and songwriting.

While singing Michael Bublé’s Everything at his office holiday party, Brian was discovered by AP Music Group President Joe Vulpis. Vulpis immediately took Brian into the studio and recorded their first two singles, Let It Ride and She’s My Woman. Released to radio in June 2015, Let It Ride is now #10 on the AC Top 200 chart. Both songs are available worldwide for download.

New singles, Let It Ride and She’s My Woman, now available worldwide for download on Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, and more.

BRIAN HUTSON - Let It Ride (Live at Radio Launch Party)

Visit Brian Hutson’s website:

Special thanks to Brian Hutson for the use of his images and music.
© 2015 Brian Hutson

February 7 2013

Shantell Ogden’s Jazz Dot

Shantell Ogden (Berklee College)

Me at Berklee

Yes, I might be a songwriter focused on writing commercial music, but I did dabble in Jazz during my time at Berklee College of Music. Okay, it was less of a dabble and more of a dot–but nonetheless, I did write one Jazz tune that I consider decent.

Just for kicks, have a listen.

The tune is dedicated to my friend Jezza, who helped me by performing and recording it in 2004.

And, as a bonus for you theory junkies out there, here’s a brief analysis:

The tune is in the key of D Minor, with a 12/8 feel. The bridge (beginning in measure 14) modulates to the key of F Major. I personally hear that modulation in measure 16, where the F7 appears. I added an extra measure here to hang on the “F”, resulting in a five measure bridge, for additional emphasis for the key of F. Admittedly, it is a subtle modulation. (Yawn)

I used several modal interchange chords, such as B flat major 7 (a six major 7 chord) as well as A-7 (a five minor chord). I especially like the way the D7 chord “lifts” the tune in measure five, into the section with straight eighths. (Double-yawn)

I foresee this straight eighths section being supported by a rhythm section playing the 12/8 feel. I know it is characteristically uncommon to hear straight eighths in this type of tune, but I like surprises! (me trying to make it fun but you’re probably asleep by now).